BYO Track Hire


Yes you can bring your own kart to the track however there are strict conditions regarding safety and noise emissions that you MUST adhere to.

  •  $15.00 for a 10 minute session. Bookings need to be made 24 hours in advance.
  • Track Hire is available Monday – Friday from 9am-4:00pm
  • Noise restrictions are enforced- No karts over 85db drive by test.
  • All private track users must register and pay an initial fee of $5.00 to receive a race licence for the venue.
  • All trainers must provide insurance documentation noting Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre Pty Ltd as interested parties prior to undertaking training activities on the premises.
  • Times may run up to 45 minutes behind if other groups are late or incidents occur on the track. Hire karting takes precedence.


  •  Appropriate riding attire must be worn.
    •  Race suit.
    •  Gloves.
    • Enclosed Shoes.
    • Closed Face Helmet OR Open faced helmet with    Motocross goggles.
    •  Helmets are available for hire for $5.00.
  • All Drivers must register prior to sessions. All karts will be subject to an inspection prior to track time.
  • Gold Coast Motorsport Training Centre Pty Ltd T/A Xtreme Karting reserves the right to deny access to the track to any karts or driver at any time.
  • The Trainer or session organizer MUST register at reception prior to entering the pit area. There is no entry to the pit area without authorization
  • All support crew of driver/s must at all times be wearing a hi vis vest and closed in shoes whilst in the pit and track area. MAX 2 CREW PER KART.
  • No person other than driver/s and trainer are permitted in the pit and track area unless authorized by Xtreme Karting.
  • Family members and others not participating in on track activity are not allowed in the pit area unless authorized by the track controller.
  • No tools or equipment belonging to Xtreme Karting will be lent to kart owners except at the discretion of Xtreme Karting Staff.
  • Xtreme Karting staff are not available to push, work-on or retrieve disabled karts except where track safety may be compromised.
  • If your kart stops on track you should wait until safe, move your kart off the track and move to a safe area.
  • If, while driving on the track, you see another kart stopped on the circuit you must slow to a safe speed in the vicinity of the stopped kart.  Yellow track lights will flash, no overtaking, reduce speed.
  • Drivers must obey the Pit Controllers directions at all times and cannot enter the circuit unless directed by the controller.
  • When each session ends track lights will flash to yellow and red. Drivers to return to the pit immediately.
  • Drivers should ensure they are ready to enter onto the circuit at least 5 minutes prior to commencement of session.
  • NO SMOKING allowed in pit area.
  • If any oil from your kart is spilt on track, you will be charged a clean-up fee of $50.00.

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